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Meet our Founder - Dr. Parsa Mohebi
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Meet our Founder - Dr. Parsa Mohebi

Dr. Mohebi's Training & Education

After his initial medical schooling, Dr. Mohebi pursued his specialty training as a surgical intern at the University of North Dakota. He then served his surgical residency at the University of New Mexico and York Hospital in Pennsylvania. After his surgical training, Dr. Mohebi joined the Department of Surgical Sciences of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He participated in several studies on wound healing and growth factors as a research fellow. Some of those studies resulted in hair growth, which is how Dr. Mohebi started looking into methods to alter hair growth.

Dr. Mohebi completed a fellowship in hair restoration surgery at the New Hair Institute. Following his specialty training in hair restoration, he started his practice serving patients as a hair growth doctor at his state-of-the-art hair centers in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Mohebi's Technological Achievement as a Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr. Parsa Mohebi remains committed to advancing current hair restoration technology to improve hair transplant procedures' safety, quality, and efficiency. He invented the Laxometer, which measures the mobility of a patient's scalp and helps optimize wound closure for patients receiving a strip hair transplant. Many international hair surgeons have adopted this device since it improves the appearance of the scalp donor scar.

One of the most popular procedures is Celebrity Hair Transplant by Dr. Parsa Mohebi, which is a discreet FUE hair transplant procedure that helps his patients to return to work almost immediately with no shaving, noticeable scarring, or physical discomfort. The techniques he developed as a hair restoration specialist have allowed thousands of patients, including men and women with limited donor hair, to experience life-changing results they never thought possible.

Dr. Mohebi is also the inventor of the Mohebi Implanter (Inserter), an implant that makes the placement of hair follicular grafts easier and safer. This innovative device eliminates the risk of graft trauma by minimizing any forces that can potentially injure the follicles.

Another breakthrough of Dr. Mohebi’s hair restoration in recent times is the invention of natural hair supplements and support vitamins for men. These include hair restoration creams, dietary supplements, and more. Come and see how Mohebi Life can change your hair health journey today!



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