Mohebi Life For Men


Promotes the regulation of the hair production cycle for optimal hair retention and quality*

Benefits of Mohebi Life

Optimum hair health demands nature's best ingredients to promote the body's balance. That's why we sourced only the purest, most effective forms of saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil: proven by 5 independent studies to support healthy hair follicle cycling and to enhance hair quality.*

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Natural Ingredients

Maximized for Bioavailability

Ingredients naturally oppose DHT

Boost Hair Strength

Help maintain and balance hair health from the inside out


Help maintain and balance hair health from the inside out.

Our advanced men's hair supplement is powered by saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil, research-backed ingredients shown to promote optimal hair cycling and support natural regrowth. This preeminent formula also includes active vitamins & minerals to boost hair thickness and shine. Just one capsule daily is designed to help maintain and balance hair health from the inside out.

Mohebi Confidence - Natural Hair Health Supplement

A Simple Addition to Your Regular Hair Care Routine

Mohebi Life's advanced, natural hair supplement for men is designed
to help you effortlessly maintain healthy, full, strong hair. Boost your hair's radiance with one simple capsule of our vitamins a day as part of your daily routine for fuller hair.*

Balance Hair Health & Holistic Support for Healthy Hair Growth - Mohebi Life

Holistic Support for Healthy Hair Growth

Our natural hair supplement is formulated with synergistic ingredients that enhance whole body maintenance of healthy hair. With highly bioavailable minerals, plant botanicals, and vitamins, Mohebi Life's Hair Support nurtures healthy hair growth from within.*

Ingredients You Trust

Hair support vitamins extracted from the purest sources in the world.

Mohebi Confidence Ingredient - Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Prosterol® supercritical CO2 extract from mature berries contains the 3 main bioactive compounds responsible for saw palmetto's proven support for healthy hair cycling, primarily as a potent antagonist of DHT's effect on hair turnover.

Mohebi Confidence Ingredient - Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Nutrient-rich pumpkin seeds contain beneficial protein, zinc, and Omega fatty acids that help maintain hair health. Plus, pumpkin seed oil extract demonstrates complementary actions with saw palmetto in thwarting the influence of DHT.*

Mohebi Confidence Ingredient - Biotin


As an essential B-vitamin, biotin plays a central role in maintaining the healthy function of all cells, including those of highly active keratinocytes, resident in hair follicles. By promoting optimal cellular energy metabolism, biotin helps to boost and retain your hair's strength, volume, and shine.

Mohebi Confidence Ingredient - Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

Research confirms a key role for Vitamin D receptors in the optimal function of hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and strength. Vitamin D is also an important modulator of a balanced immune response, helping to protect follicle cells from oxidative damage.

Mohebi Confidence Ingredient - Ferrochel® Iron

Ferrochel® Iron

Fully-chelated iron for gentle assimilation & maximum bioavailability. Iron promotes healthy cellular regeneration and helps protect against damaging free radicals that affect your hair's brilliance.*

Mohebi Confidence Ingredient - Zinc


In its prominent location, scalp hair lends both beauty and protection. Healthy hair growth & maintenance thus requires optimal immune function & cellular resilience against environmental stressors. As a leading antioxidant and key regulator of cellular maturation, zinc supports healthy hair follicles throughout their lifecycle.*

Mohebi Confidence Supplement Facts - Mohebi Life

Take 1 Capsule Per Day.

Mohebi Life is an easy addition to your daily haircare routine. Take the men's natural hair supplement with a full glass of water.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Mohebi Life? +

Mohebi Life is designed and formulated to boost the overall health of your scalp and maintain a healthy and fuller head of hair. Our easy-to-take daily supplement contains a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients including Saw Palmetto,
Biotin, Zinc, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Vitamin D3, and chelated iron.

When Should I Take the Supplement Each Day? +

The answer to this question is: Whatever works best for your schedule. We do recommend taking the daily capsule supplement each morning as part of your routine to start your day.

Has Mohebi Life been tested? +

Yes, Mohebi Life was tested before being introduced to the market and we continue to test and refine our product on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness and safety of its ingredients.

What is the Mohebi Life supplement that I take each day? +

Mohebi Life comes in pill form which means you can simply take it with a glass of water each day. Our product supports hair growth from within the body rather than being a topical product you need to apply to the scalp on a daily basis.

Does Mohebi Life help more than my scalp? +

Studies have shown that people who have a healthy and full head of hair enjoy a greater amount of self-confidence. If you want to enjoy a healthy head of hair and an improved self-image, Mohebi Life is the solution for you.