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The Grand Elixir of Baldness – Was it Discovered Over 2000 Years Ago?
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The Grand Elixir of Baldness – Was it Discovered Over 2000 Years Ago?

As a person continues to age, one of the least desired parts of their appearance is the loss of hair on the scalp. Hair loss can impact both men and women due to reasons as varied as heredity, hormonal imbalances, medications, and autoimmune conditions. There are ways to combat hair loss including medications such as minoxidil and finasteride and a hair transplant surgical procedure. The desire to cure hair loss is not limited to the 20th and 21st centuries. A discovery shared last year by The Times newspaper in London suggests that archeologists found out that people have been searching for a hair loss cure for thousands of years.

Hair Loss Remedy – Let’s Check the Tablets!

A team of archaeologists found a set of clay tablets that were created by physicians who served an Assyrian King over 2600 years ago. These clay tablets, which have found a home in the British Museum, have been pieced together for easier translation. Once the text on the tablets was translated, it was discovered to be the first “encyclopedia for medicine” created in the world. The translation efforts also revealed that the clay tablets featured a listing of multiple medical secrets from the time of the Assyrian King including treatments for toothaches, lice on the head, and…. (You guessed it) hair loss.

According to the information on the clay tablets, the hair loss treatment started with covering the head of the person experiencing a loss of hair on the scalp. The head needed to be covered with pulverized watercress which was wrapped in a bandage for a period of four days. Then, the bandage was removed so the head could be shaved and washed with alkali (a chemical compound). Once this task was completed, the pouring of oil was performed repeatedly over the head in an act known as “anointing.” The anointing was not a one-time act as this occurred for another three days and crushed cedar and cypress oil was poured on the head. Once all of these steps were performed, the person was cured of the loss of hair on their scalp.

Or not.

A person does not have to be a medical or scientific expert to realize the ritual described in the clay tablets likely did not work at the time. In addition, it would not work now, and it also sounds very messy to perform. Even with the advanced technology currently available to treat patients with thinning hair and a balding look to the scalp, the public is still often willing to believe in non-scientific hair loss solutions. 

Hair Loss Solutions – Not All Remedies Are Created Equally

There are ads found online that promote a wide variety of products. These advertisements make the promise to stop the balding process as well as promote the regrowth of hair on the scalp that has already been lost to the badling process. These products range from pills and supplements to shampoos and topical solutions that are featured in ads where promises are made to regrow hair and preserve the hair that still remains on the scalp.

While all of this sounds promising, a good majority of these treatments do not have any basis in scientific research which means there is little concrete proof or evidence about how well they actually deliver on their promises. 

Hair Loss Treatments – Trust the Tested Approach of Mohebi Life

One of the drawbacks of many of the hair loss solutions currently advertised online is that their manufacturing processes are not monitored on a regular basis. In addition, some of these hair loss products do not share how the products were developed or even if they have been tested beyond their original manufacturing phase. While they might contain natural ingredients, they often do not share information about how they ensure the safety of their products.

Mohebi Life is a proven alternative for those who desire transparency when deciding whether or not they are going to purchase and use a certain hair loss remedy.  Our advanced hair loss supplement is tested on an ongoing basis and is also well-controlled. We know that testing our ingredients at regular intervals enables us to ensure that our products are manufactured according to the highest standards of safety and quality. 

Mohebi Life is recognized throughout the male hair supplements industry as a leader in products that are regularly tested as well as being open about our natural, scientifically backed ingredients which inspire trust on the part of customers. Instead of simply promoting the idea of hair regrowth, Mohebi Life also focuses on maintaining a healthy head of hair and enhancing the appearance of the hairline by discouraging early thinning hair on the scalp. With highly bioavailable vitamins, plant botanicals, and synergistic minerals, Mohebi Life promotes healthy hair growth from within the body and the preservation of a full and robust head of hair.

In a digital landscape where it can be hard to determine which products mean what they say when it comes to results, Mohebi Life is one of the few solutions that provides results that are advertised on the product packaging.  We invite you to visit the Mohebi Life website to learn about the science behind our products and to visit our online store to add Mohebi Life to your daily hair care routine. 



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